Friday, 12 August 2011

Brooklyn Chewing Gum

So.. Mandy rolled me over to our brother Tim's place last night on account of it being nephew Cooper's 4th birthday.
Presents were duly opened and thanks given.  Tim made some mint pizzas for us all and I drank a beer on top of my voltaren (cheap date) and told everyone I needed a new watch.
We scrolled through a storage box of Dad's old cycling photos, scrapbooks and newspaper articles - nostalgia central.  Of course that got us talking about the good old days and Tim disappeared to his bedroom and rolled out the stash of vintage and retro cycle clothing and some other awesome stuff.  Mandy and I were like "Dude! Where did you get all this shit?" and he's like "I just stashed it away." and then...
He pulls out the Brooklyn Chewing Gum Jersey.  Me and this jersey have a history.  I tell Tim so.  He doesn't really care.  Dad goes "I'll give you the matching tights Megan."  I say "That would be great Dad."  and when I leave that night I take that jersey with me because there's no point in having half a matching set.  Is there?

Check this out:
That's THAT jersey hanging on MY wardrobe door folks.

I've said I'm borrowing it to get it drycleaned.

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