Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A little excitement in my life this week...

My Mum had her 60th Birthday on Tuesday and Jo (the boss) organised a wicked morning tea at work with all her favourite reps.  It was so sweet.  She even booked her out on a measure at Burt and Thea Day's (Birthday - get it?) 60c Ake Terrace (60 cake!) Phone 871 1951 (1951 - the year Mum was born.) Mum had no idea.  We decked the shop out with balloons and streamers and wrote birthday messages on the coloured blackboard.  Mum smiled all day.
That night we went out for a family and close friends dinner at Keystone in Hamilton.  Here's a pic of Mum with all her kids:
A fine looking bunch if I may say so myself.
Mum had the best Birthday ever and she deserved it.  I think she is still smiling.  I love it.

And then...
Anthony gathered us all together at work yesterday to tell us that he has been selected for the NZ Marist U23 rugby team.  So proud of him.  He is a very awesome person.

And then...
This morning I got a parcel.

I'ma pitch my tent this weekend if the weather isn't too inclement and sleep inside it in my sleeping bag on my inflatable mat.  Because I love camping!!

Thanks for reading.  Feel free to leave comments.  I don't have any yet.  It's a heartbreaker.


  1. Your gear looks good. Your family looks good, too.

  2. thank you for commenting and for you comments.