Sunday, 5 June 2011

So. What I really want this blog to be about is my biek antics...

but it's more likely to be about what I WANT to be doing on bieks.  I'm not very motivated you see.  I blew the cobwebs off my roadie yesterday and it was great.  Just a short ride around Puahue to see how it went since it's been so long since I actually rode a biek.  I loved it.  OH MY GOD... Parklands Road is cycling paradise.  When I die and go to heaven I am going be riding roads only like Parklands Road.  I want to go again today but it's a bit dismal out there and my pelvic pressure points are a bit bruised.  There's really nothing to compare with sitting on a seat again with a sore arse.  It makes you GASP!!  I can think of so many reasons not to go.  Here they are:

  • It's cold
  • It's damp
  • There's heaps of roadworks in the area
  • I see a little bit of a breeze
  • My favourite shorts are in the wash
  • I have washing to fold
  • My pelvic bones hurt
  • I get a sore lower back
  • I only have one drink bottle cage on my bike
  • Billie needs to go to the beach for a really good run
  • Oh wait... I see rain 
So.  And that's how I roll.  

But for your amusement I do have a couple of rides coming up over the next two weekends with some awesome chicks so I will be sure to take a camera and write some words.

Here's a Billie Holiday update pic

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